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Some Good News


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Hubby went for chemo yesterday and his CA19-9 (tumour markers) were 49.8, within normal limits (0 - 60) for the first time since his diagnosis. I know it's only an indication but it's a good one!

He's also much happier now we've achieved a compromise with the hospital and he doesn't have to wait for hours to have treatment on the same day as his assessment.

Small victories but I'll take any we can get!


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Great news Nicki, we were told that the CA19-9 results were really important, certainly with my mum when they were in normal limits she was fine and there was no tumour growth at all. Keep up the good work both of you!!

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  • 3 weeks later...

We went to day to hear the results of Ted's CT Scan. It showed that the tumour has decreased in size by about 0.5 cm and the abnormal tissue around it has been reduced by a further 0.3 cm. His tumour markers are down to 33 too!

Ted was offered two options: to continue with chemo or to start on radio-chemotherapy. If he'd gone with the radiotherapy option he would have had to attend the hospital every day for about 6 weeks and added cisplatin to his chemo regime. The side effects would have had a seriously detrimental effect on his quality of life and there is some research carried out in France on a small group of people which shows that the added lifespan is only about three months. He decided to just continue with the chemo for the time being.

At first we were told that chemo treatments would be limited to 18 (ie a further 3 months of treatment in weeks 1,2 and 3 with week 4 off). Apparently, though, that is not the case and if this set of chemo stablises the tumour but it comes back in six months or a year's time, then there may be other chemotherapy regimes which could be tried then.

Another small battle in this war has just gone our way - this will give us strength to fight another day!

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Hi NIcki

Very pleased for you and Ted, and I think that you have taken the right decision. It's a great sign that the tumour and abnormal tissue have decreased in size, I have only ever heard of pancreatic tumours staying the same and that in itself is considered a great result, so you must be really encouraged by the latest news.

Now then, is there any chance that you could get yourselves off on a nice break or holiday somewhere just to give yourselves a well earned treat and also give Ted the chance to build up his physical and mental strength for the rest of his treatment?

We're doing ok here, sort of coming to terms with what's happened. Dad is doing really well, he has in fact just booked himself on a cruise and is very excited. All the best, XX

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Hi Chinup and thanks for the response.

Yes, we thought it was fantastic news and are very pleased indeed. Bluntly, the choice we had was quantity vs quality and, whilst everyone will have their own views on that, we are convinced that we made the right choice for us.

Ted is reluctant to socialise more than he needs to right now because of the reduced immune system whilst on chemo. He's the kind of person that picks up everything going, so we won't be planning a holiday until his chemo is finished. Even then, it depends on our finances - unfortunately I was made redundant late last year, so money is a little tight right now.

I'm so pleased to hear that your Dad is excited and looking forward to his cruise and that you're all slowing coming to terms with what's happened - well, as much as one can anyway. There's a hundred platitudes but none of them will help right now, so I'll just say that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Kind regards

Nicki x

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Hi Nicki, nice to hear from you. Totally understand and sympathise with Ted not wanting to socialise much. My mum was exactly the same - she just didn't want to be amongst people at all and I must say it seemed fair enough. She refused to even go to the doctor's surgery for fear of picking up something in her weakened state and after all the trauma of the chemo, who could blame her!

Sorry to hear about you being made redundant, you don't need that on top of everything else. None of my business of course, but are you making sure you get the non means-tested carer's allowance? Anyway, the main thing is that you spend quality time together and I'm sure that the good news you've had will boost that. All the best XX

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Hi everyone

Nicki - Just a quick note to say I'm so pleased that everything is looking so good for you at the moment. Let's hope that continues!

Chinup - glad to hear that you're all doing ok. Hope your Dad has an enjoyable and relaxing time on his cruise. Nice to hear from you again. Look after yourselves, won't you.

Lorraine - if you're reading this, hope you're doing ok, too. Thinking about you.

It would be nice to hear from a few people who have posted on here in the last few months. Please let us know how you are all doing.

Best wishes to everyone



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Hi Ellie

Yes i still look on here,and thanks for still thinking of me.

Iam doing fine,we sprinkled dads ashes over easter,(we took him home to were he came from, which was what he wonted).

After we had done that, which was very hard,i felt that i could move on and look forward.

I still miss him and iam dreading the first fathers day without him.Iam just taking each day at a time,but with each day it does get alittle better if you know what i mean.

How are thing with you


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