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Dad - Recently diagnosed, please help

Guest Fifi

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Dear L

Welcome to the forum and so sorry to hear of your Dad's diagnosis with this most pernicious disease. I am a few years older than your Dad and had a similar diagnosis in May 2013. I'm sure Jenni and Dianne will be happy to give you more advice on your Dad's problems if you email or phone them.

Keep up with the Loperamide and you can up the dose of Creons as it's not possible to overdose and some practitioners don't have much idea on the amount needed to replace the natural enzymes that a healthy pancreas produces. Again the nurses on here will help but 80000 with a main meal would not be excessive. My GP initially prescribed 2 x 10000 tablets a day!!!

With his pain McMillans are very good with relief that will make him much more comfortable but if he is otherwise fit it may be worth pursuing a nerve separation procedure which can offer drug free relief from pancreatic pain. I had this done last June and it was very effective but some on here have not been so fortunate. McMillans will also give you practical help such as claiming attendance allowance, getting a Blue Badge etc.

Finally, take care of yourself and do your best to stay positive, not easy but a huge help in coping with the effluent that PC brings with it. Feel free to rant on here, the Forum family will never criticize but will always be here to give you any support it can.

Love and Peace


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Dear Leila,

Just wanted to say hi, and welcome to the forum, so sorry to hear that you and your dad are having to deal with this. My husband was diagnosed with PC last May.

It definitely sounds like it may be a good idea try to increase your dads creon. As Mike says you will find that most doctors don't tend to understand about the quantities needed so tend to under prescribe. It's such good news that your dad is fit enough to start chemo, and often people find that their symptoms dramatically improve once this starts.

I know this is all so very hard to cope with, but it sounds like you are doing an amazing job supporting your dad, he must be very proud of you. Write as much as you want if it helps you, and it also really benefits others to read of your experiences,

Best wishes,


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