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Trevor's Story


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Sandra, you are always so lovely, caring and kind to all of us, I often wonder how YOU are coping as it's what, getting on for a year and a half now since you lost Trevor? Just checking in that you are okay and wondering if it is true and it does get a little easier with time?

lots of love

PW xx

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I just had to use my 1000 post to post on my beloved Trevor's thread who I still miss dreadfully, especially at this time of year.

I also want to wish all forum members past and present, and the others who although they don't post, read the forum and hopefully get help from it, the best Christmas they can have and also

the very best wishes for 2018,

To all my forum friends, our wonderful nurses here and to everyone touched by this insidious disease may the New Year bring peace and joy love sandrax xx

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Lovely post Sandra...I hope your Christmas is also the best it can be. I'm finding this second Christmas much harder than the first, but have to get on with it for the child's sake.

Much love,


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