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Another loss


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Hello all, my dad Roger (69) passed away from Pancreatic Cancer last Tuesday (21st January) and whilst it is a very difficult time for the family, I wanted to thank everyone who has posted here and indeed anyone who has been through this illness (whether directly or indirectly) that my thoughts are with you all.

I've been loosely following this forum for the past 2 months, always keeping a short distance between myself and the stories to try to disconnect it all, in the hope that it wouldn't apply to my Dad and that he did have gallstones after all, but of course he didn't. He was unfortunately pretty much a textbook case, from healthy and lively (in fact he had never been into hospital before), then the jaundice and stomach pains came and next thing we knew he was too weak for surgery or chemo, to being given a few days left. Towards the end it was difficult but his passing was painless and he looked at peace. Being a family man he had arranged many things already before his passing which has made it a little easier for us, I find comfort in reminding myself how organised he was. It makes me laugh thinking of how he used to sit upstairs writing letters and notes all the time.

I and some of my siblings am now looking at fundraising to try to raise awareness of this cancer and how rapidly it can progress - nobody I have spoken to can believe it appeared from nowhere, to death, inside of 2 months. If anyone has any ideas please do let me know.

PS: I doubt as to whether the nurses at Withybush hospital read this however my family and I are grateful and highly respectful of the work that you do, on a daily basis; to work on a cancer ward must be so difficult and I offer my utmost respect to anyone who works in this field. Thank you, Duncan.

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Hi Duncan

So very sorry to hear of the death of your father such a short time after diagnosis, I am sure the whole of the "Forum family" joins me in offering our sincere condolences to you and your family at this sad time. At least it sounds as if your Dad was spared some of the worst indignities that this cruel illness can inflict and I hope that this is of some comfort to you all; not necessarily just yet but maybe later when the rawness of your pain begins to subside and you can look back on the good times.

Love and Peace


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Hi Duncan I can't really add more to what Mike said, but I'm so very sorry for your loss and my condolences to your and family through the difficult days ahead.


Julia x

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