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Carls story


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So so so sorry Rob to hear this devastating news.

You and Carl's family and in my thoughts and prayers.

Love PW x

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Dear Rob,

On behalf of myself, and all of the nurses here at Pancreatic Cancer UK, I would like to express our sincerest condolences at the passing of Carl.

I had many conversations with Carl, and he was a remarkable person, with a great courage and determination to beat pancreatic cancer - he certainly gave it a good going on several occasions.

Carl was always outward focused, and very positive, despite all he went through. He loved his work, and often spoke about how it gave him purpose.

On top of this, both of you have been such a support to others facing similar battles. Thank you from us all.

It is so good to hear that Carl was surrounded by his loving family and that he was peaceful at the end.

Our kindest regards,

Jeni and all the nurses.

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Hi Rob, sorry I'm late to offer condolences. I had heard through one of the cancer charities that Carl had died and was so sad to hear it.

Hope you are continuing to do well. You and Carl made a magnificent team and explored all available avenues to give Carl the best chance and you succeeded in extending in life.

Carl was a big character and will be missed.

I wish you health and happiness in your life without Carl, you will miss him I know but you too are strong and I'm sure you will be fine.

Much love

Julia x

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