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My Mother


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Hello everyone.

I am new to this site so I apologise if I am discussing news or posts that have been said before. My mother of 75 (yet very healthy 75) has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer thats spread to one lung. Naturally we are all upset especially as we lost our dear father only last April to skin cancer. The oncologist is going to offer chemo once he meets with us next Tuesday, yet we are preparing for a short time factor. i.e months rather than years. Mother started showing symptoms of full stomach, belatedness, IBS a few months ago and put it down to grief or stress from the loss of her dear husband of 50 married years, we were not expecting the silent killer. So it seems we move on to the conveyor belt of chemotherapy and although I realise there is success in some cases, I tend to find that its a last chance saloon and many do not lead a better quality of life. I want the best for her and started looking at YouTube documentaries of The Gerson Project and articles on Cancer is Curable Now. It seems very plausible that sugar is a cancer feeder, and processed meats should be avoided, plus plastics, scents, pollution etc….all help in making the body toxic, so has anyone had any luck, strength or reward from massively altering their diet to organic foods, high Vitamin C and enemas? I even read that black cumin seeds are very powerful in reducing pancreatic tumours. Please give me your advice, I will try anything for her, as she is such a strong lady she could give this a bloody good fight.I don-t just want to depend on Chemotherapy drugs for her. Any comments will be much appreciated.

Thx her son Justin x

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Hello Justin, sorry to learn of your sad news.

With regard to your questions, I've sometimes heard that as you say sugar feeds cancer. Well of course it does that's how the body gets its energy and rapidly dividing cells are going to need more. In the absence of diabetes the body tightly regulates glucose so there's little point in radically changing diet. It does seem that black seeds which contain thymoquinone may have some anti-cancer activity though to say it's powerful is going too far.


The other natural remedy which shows some effectiveness is bitter melon.


Chemotherapy isn't for everyone, and there is often a fine line to be drawn between the extension and the quality of life, but all too often it is the only thing which will make a difference in this condition.


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Hi Justin

Welcome to the forum that no one wants to join but that all the members get so much benefit from through the advice love and support of other contributors.

I am pretty sceptical about "natural cures" but chemo is proven to be effective in many cases despite the odd side effects some people suffer. As your father also sadly suffered cancer you're probably aware of the help that's available but the nurses on here have tremendous specialised knowledge of PC so do ask them if you have any doubts.

Get Creons to help your Mum digest food better as this should help relieve digestive problems possibly aided by Omeprazole or similar reflux depressant. I do hope you're in reach of a good specialist Cancer Centre as one thing that is clear is the variation in the way treatment is delivered.

Very best of luck to your Mum in her treatment, look after yourself though and try to stay as positive as possible. It's not easy but makes a big difference to the quality of life for both of you.

Love and Peace


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Hello Justin

I have quite a lot of experience with Gerson as my husband did it for the last 3 months of his life with advanced kidney cancer. It didn't cure him but he had virtually no pain in spite of extensive bone tumours. Was it worth it? I don't think so because Gerson is enormously time-consuming - it is virtually a 24 hour regime, and for the last 3 months it meant that he was unable to take trips out. But if it had cured him of course it would have been worth it! If only we could all do 'sliding doors' and see what the outcome would be with various paths! I have contacted the Gerson Hungary clinic re my bf who has PC and they say they have only had one patient with advanced PC who was doing very well two and a half years after starting when he succumbed to existing heart problems. Gonzales in NY is another who appears to have had some success. As for chemo etc. our oncologist said that many older people refuse chemo because of the quality of life factor, and yet I have seen on this site that many people have minimal side effects and feel that they have good quality of life. The main thing is that you cannot chose a treatment or non-treatment for someone else, no matter how close you are to them. All you can do is support them in their decisions - and that is often one which they feel is right for them, even if it is statistically not going to cure them. I do wish you well and that your mother gets the most out of her life, however long that may be.

Didge x

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Just a follow up really since mums diagnosis, she is doing very well, bundles of energy and looking ok. Now she has started taken cumin oil 3 times a day which I feel and hope its making some difference. She is up at 7am, walking, cooking, washing, full of vim and vigour and she says apart from an odd tummy ache she feels ok. Chemo starts on wednesday, I am not looking forward to that as it will knock her out, she has a 12 week course. Just wish in this modern day we could have an alternative hospital where sugars, processed foods, and junk are banned and you can experiment going on a raw and organic pure food regime and have cumin oils, coconut oils,turmerics etc…..to increase and boost your immune system. I am seriously thinking of starting a campaign to get this started, we deserve a choice, rather than a conveyor belt of medicated drugs that do very little. In fact how many cancer sufferers at the end actually die of the cancer?

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Hi I agree about alternative treatments but I think sometimes people are just too scared to make the leap.

I am following the Saatchi Bill which states "The Saatchi Bill is formally called The Medical Innovation Bill. It is designed to help doctors innovate, so that they can advance medical science and find new and better treatments and cures for diseases and conditions including cancers." So still within the bounds of conventional medicine but Point 4 on their check list of why this bill is needed might resonate with you:

1. All cancer deaths are wasted lives.


4. Because current law requires that the deceased receive only the standard procedure - THE ENDLESS REPETITION OF A FAILED EXPERIMENT (my capitals.

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