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Skin problems


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My sister is 3 years , 8 months post whipples and chemo. She's very well apart from recent shingles followed by a rash of very large boils on her back. Her last bloods 3 months ago showed slightly raised ca 19 and these are to be repeated soon.

Has anyone had a similar problem?

Many thanks


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Firstly it's good to hear of someone else so far down the road from diagnosis! On the rash front I can claim no expertise except my Mum had a dose of what looked like shingles rash and did get a couple of infected spots that developped into nasty boil-like things later.

Could of course be something totally different and sounds like you need a referral to a skin specialist who has access to your oncologist if needed. I don't know if you find folk tunnel visioning on your sister's cancer when other health stuff can still be unrelated and need treatment, so hope that doesn't happen and she gets that worry and discomfort sorted soon.

BTW, I don't know what your sister's CA19-9 levels are, but Mum has just had a rise discounted by 3 consultants because it's from a baseline under 100. There are other causes for CA19-9 to pop up other than PC, but understand you would want to get any nasties ruled out.

You and your sis take care and best wishes to get this dealt with.


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Thanks so much sarah - your reply has been very helpful. My sisters ca 19 -9 is only mildly above normal but my understanding is that anything above normal suggests tumour activity. I will let you know how things go in a day or 2.

It still amazes me that she is so well after all she has been through. She is living her life, making plans for some fantastic trips and has already been travelling a lot since diagnosis. She tries not to let anything keep her from living!


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