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Patient View

Postby toodotty » Tue Aug 14, 2018 3:30 pm

Hi All,
Having recently had a spell in hospital with a blocked bile stent, I was extremely shocked to discover that the hospital treating me did not have access to any of my medical records, which were held under a different NHS trust. This was especially problematic as it was the weekend and there was nobody they could ring.
The A&E doctors were going ballistic as my blood test results were coming back with a poor reading especially for liver function. However, they were comparing the results against tests taken in March before my chemo started. I would expect some level of change in the meantime especially to liver function, but without the blood tests of the last three months it was not possible to make a comparison.
So, next visit to my Oncologist I will be requesting a complete copy of the blood tests so that I can take these with me on further visits to A&E.
However, whilst in hospital I was speaking to a kidney transplant lady who has access to all of her blood tests and other records via an APP called PatientView. (www.patientview.org). This was initially set up for kidney transplant patients, but in theory should be available to any patients where the hospital has set up the necessary software to enable this to happen. Unfortunately my NHS trust has not done this yet, but to find out if your hospital has, visit the website shown above.
It looks really useful, not only does it show you the latest results quickly, it will compare readings across time in a nice graph format. This makes it really easy to monitor bilirubin, CA19-9 levels etc.