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New to all this

Postby Hope » Wed Jun 25, 2008 11:47 am

My brother has been diagnosed with pancreatic, secondary liver cancer and his lumphs are said to be up... this does not sound good to me but I do not know anything about all this and the more I read the more terrified I become.
It has all happened so quickly he has only felt ill for a couple of months and the doctors gave him pain killers and anti spasmodics. In the end we took him in to the hopsital as he was in pain and has swellings in his abdomen. He is still in hospital waiting results of further tests scans etc but they do not seem to be in any hurry. He has had some of the fluid drained off but he cannot eat anything only a little fruit. He has not had any invasive procedures yet.
He is only 40 with a young family.
He is on a horrendous ward and as they do not allow children in he has to go down to the cafe to meet any member of his family.We are just waiting while he is stuck in there just wanting to be with his wife and kids.
Is this wait normal? What are they likely to do next? Does anyone think he is likely to be able to come home or is this it now? I am trying to be positive and the bad news just will not filter down into my understanding. I think my Mum is trying to prepare me for bad news, maybe she has more information, maybe they think I cannot handle it.
I am still having to go to work and am finding it hard to find any of it very important. I am worried that if I visit my brother on my own I will cry and that would be too awful for him.
I feel as if everything I know is crumbling and then I feel guilty as my feelings are nothing to his.