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Islet Cell Cancer ...

Postby emcee46 » Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:39 am

Although it doesn't (as yet anyway) help my partner's adenosquamous carcinoma, there is an interesting feature mentioned on one of the American websites today for those suffering with Islet Cell. The article is along the lines that trials involving the drug Sutent by Pfizer (I believe currently used for renal cancer) was tested on volunteers with such a measure of possibilities that those who had previously been given placebos were immediately switched to Sutent and the trial was terminated. I have attached a link to the newspaper article to which the post refers - although I have to confess to not having had time to read it properly myself yet. I rang Pfizer UK yesterday about it and, although they were slightly cagey, they ALMOST confirmed what I was saying and suggested that those suffering Islet Cell got their doctor to contact them (Pfizer) about Sutent. Hope it helps someone.

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Sutent-Si ... -bw-146151

(if you have problems accessing this, I'd suggest copying it and pasting it via your own basic browser - for some reason it didn't like me trying to access it directly from this site but I got into it by coming out of this site).