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New to this ...

Postby Hii » Sun Nov 04, 2018 8:40 pm

Hi Thanks for letting me join .
My mum who is 87 had a ct scan in September after being jaundice having weight loss and a lack of appetite this found she had pancreatic cancer within 4 weeks she had a metal stent put in after she had had this we were told it had spread duodenum and had suspect nodules on the lungs they gave her 6 months.
Since then we have had no other information appointments or options we have just been left to get on with it .
I know shes older and would probley not go for any treatment but surley we should have been seen by someone it seems if you dont have any treatment your left guessing what to do ??
She is getting weaker through lack of food and energy and as a family we have been helping her shower have meals and get dressed.
Its just so sad seeing her like this .