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Re: Help for my sister please

Postby George » Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:58 am

PCUK Nurse Chris wrote:
> Hello George,
> I am sorry to learn of your sister's symptoms and appreciate what a
> worrying time this must be for her and all her family. I am emailing you
> directly so that you have an email containing information that will
> hopefully prove useful to you and your sister.
> Kind regards
> Chris
> Pancreatic cancer nurse specialist
> Support team
> Pancreatic Cancer UK

Thank you, I replied :)

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Re: Help for my sister please - update

Postby George » Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:09 pm

Just thought I would give a quick update. Sisters Dr. was unable to get a MRCP sooner then March 27th, he's not too keen on waiting that long so booked an appointment for Dec 15th for a ERCP, but unfortunately there were 2 emergencies that came in that day so it got cancelled. Then he said he didn't want to do it right before Christmas, he didn't explain why, were assuming he didn't want to do it then because of the risks of getting a pancreatic attack which could mean being in the hospital on Christmas. They have re-booked her for Jan 12th.

My sister is still getting pain, but it's not constant. She said that it feels like the food is sitting in her stomach longer after she eats and she sometimes feels uncomfortably full, last night she awoke to feeling nauseous and ended up throwing up. But that could be from the ulcers I assume?

I hope everyone had a good Christmas (if you celebrate it).....

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Re: Help for my sister please

Postby Dandygal76 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:45 am

Hey George.. hopefully this will all be sorted on 12th and you will find out it is not PC. I have my fingers crossed for you and wish you all the best for the new year. x


Re: Help for my sister please

Postby Marmalade » Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:05 pm

Hello George,

Sorry that your sister is having such an awful time and we all know how worrying it is to have symptoms but no proper diagnosis. Having said that you need to be aware that most of the people on here have no medical training or experience except from there own family members nor do they have any of your sisters medical history. The symptoms you describe could be any number of things. It is quite a leap to go from discomfort after eating, nausea and pain which can all be caused by ulcers and blockages to the duodenum, to PC. I would definitely want to know what is causing the ulcers and get them dealt with to help with her symptoms. Has she been tested for H. pylori infection or been given any other treatment for them?

Has your sister lost any weight or been diagnosed with sudden onset type II diabetes? I have to say I don't recall anyone mentioning gastric ulcers as a PC symptom but I am certainly no doctor.

I understand the frustration of waiting and you will see from my threads that I am fully supportive of faster diagnosis but the uncomfortable truth is that the more tests that are carried out to reassure people who don't fit the urgent test criteria, the less spaces there are for those who do. I don't know if your sister has PC (I am praying that she doesn't) I understand the temptation to scour the internet and how dangerous that can be so I urge you to speak to the nurses on here and or to ask your GP for a second opinion, which is your right if you feel they are not moving in the right direction or fast enough. It's important to have confidence in your doctor so if you are not happy change your GP or ask for another opinion.

I hope your sister is a little more comfortable this evening and that the New Year will bring her some answers.

Best wishes,

Marmalade xx

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Re: Help for my sister please

Postby George » Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:10 pm

She was in much pain over the weekend. Performed an emergency scan, they saw something at the head of her pancreas, they are not saying it is cancer but they also are saying it's a possibility it is.

Marmalade, i am quite aware you are not Dr's or have medical training, i wasn't looking for an answer to her problems, just someone to talk to with people that have unfortunately have had to endure this from a close friend, loved one or themselves.

I feel like I have annoyed you and perhaps others, I won't post any more, I am sorry if i offended anyone.

I hope nothing but the best for everyone who have to face this ugly beast.

Take care.

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Re: Help for my sister please

Postby sandraW » Fri Jan 06, 2017 5:49 pm

I am sure that Marmalade did not mean to upset you in any way, please be sure of that fact.
The forum is here for everyone, so please do continue to post, I am sure you are very worried about your sister and we all want to know how she is doing, so please keep posting and let us all know.
I don't post so much now, but when my husband, Trevor, was going through his journey with PC this place was a lifeline for me. take care and I hope to hear your sister is doing better, and that she isn't facing this dreadful disease, sandrax xx

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Re: Help for my sister please

Postby Dandygal76 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 8:41 pm

George, I know most people on here pretty well on and off the forum. Let me reassure you that you have not upset anyone, least of all Marmalade. Being given that news on the scan will have made you feel very stressed and I can remember feeling exactly the same with my dad thinking I was annoying people on here but then I stayed on a bit longer and realised it is not the case. We can all read the written words in tones not intended and I certainly did not read anything in Marmalade's tone other than her wanting to be even handed to make sure you get the absolute best advice you can get for your sister from all sources available (including us). Marmarlade wants to make sure you get unbiased views as well to ensure you can make informed choices.

Stay strong you and let us know how you get on. I have everything crossed your sister does not have PC.



Re: Help for my sister please

Postby Marmalade » Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:27 pm

Dear George,

I hope you are looking at the forum and will see this. You have most certainly not annoyed me and I am very sorry if I made you feel that way, truly I am. I am sorry that you are upset and hope that you will not stop posting.

This forum is for everyone, we all have opinions that not everyone shares and sometimes something catches a raw nerve but we are united in the desire to help, support and learn from each other whatever our views.

I lost my husband to this disease last August and would not wish it on my worst enemy, I also know the pain of waiting for diagnosis so am doing all in my power to make sure that those who follow don't have to queue for scanner space and diagnostic procedures like we did, and like you are still doing, and that is people who do manage to get urgent referrals never mind all those who's symptoms fall outside the guidelines like your sister.

As I said before, I hope and pray that your sister does not have PC and will not need this forum but, if she is unlucky, then you and she will need the kind of support found here and you will continue to be welcomed with open arms, mine included, so please don't leave.

M xx

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Re: Help for my sister please

Postby Justamo » Fri Jan 06, 2017 11:06 pm

George, please don't stop posting. We all understand how you feel and I can't see how you could possibly have annoyed anybody on the forum. We all feel that our nerves are at breaking point sometimes, and then it is so easy to start imagining things.

We call this awful illness The Rollercoaster. One minute everything is fine, the next minute you're in the middle of a nightmare and then the next day things are fine again. You go from heaven to hell and back in 24 hours.

Please stay on the forum. We need each other on here. We learn something from everyone who shares. Every member has different strengths- even people like me - and we all know that you are feeling very raw and hurt right now.

Look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.
Love Mo

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Re: Help for my sister please

Postby Veema » Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:35 am

Hey George...do come back...it sounds like you need some support whether it's cancer or not. There are some instances where tumours on the pancreas can be benign...so lets hope that what they've seen is that. If it does turn out to be cancerous, you can count on us to be there for you both. The main thing is, is now they've seen this 'thing' on her pancreas, she will have more intensive tests to determine exactly what it is...which is the main thing right now.

Lots of prayers and positive vibes that it isn't cancer...do keep us posted.


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Re: Help for my sister please

Postby Elaine123 » Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:30 am

Hi George like all the others on here I do hope that your sister has a more favourable outcome to all her tests. This is a lifeline to me George my husband Pete has been diagnosed with PC and I was totally lost before joining the forum. I know I can come here and get support both from everyone on the forum plus from the wonderful nurses who realise when you are struggling and jump in to fill that gap in your knowledge of how to deal with certain aspects of care. Not one of us would wish to be here but life has not given us a choice and if you need a safe haven in all the turmoil a diagnosis brings then this is it. Yes there is times the answers we get are not what we were hoping to hear but they are truthful accounts by others who have lived and are living through this hell and it would not be helpful for anyone to answer our posts in any other way but with the raw honest truth of their experiences. So please stay with the forum because although we are all praying your sisters diagnosis is favourable if it is not then the support you get on here will be invaluable and Marmalade will give you that in bucket loads. Please let us know the outcome of your sisters tests. Thinking of you both