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Postby Nerissavt » Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:04 am


Sorry very long story but will try to not to write an essay.

My mum was diagnosed with PC four and a half years ago. It's an endocrine tumour so realise we are lucky in this respect. She did have some of the whipple procedure but the tumour was wrapped round a main artery so it wasn't completed. She has been on Sandostatin which worked well for years until it stopped working in October and the cancer spread to the liver, stomach lining and lymph nodes.

Since January she has been on Everolimus but hasn't been well at all and going down hill with a lot of different symptoms.

To cut a long story short the symptom we can't understand is severe confusion. She is tired most of the time but this confusion is something else and very distressing.

The consultants have suggested different things. They took her off the Everolimus thinking it was the drugs but that didn't help. They then thought it was due to dehydration but despite being out on a drip and making her drink lots since the confusion is still there and she still has really bad days with it. The local hospital also did a brain scan but thankfully this was clear.

Has anyone had anything similar and know what the cause of confusion could be?

Thanking you
N x