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PCUK Nurse Jeni
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Re: New to this - any support gratefully received

Postby PCUK Nurse Jeni » Mon May 12, 2014 12:01 pm

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your posts on the forum.

I just wanted top pick up on the comment made to you about your mothers age. The NHS is not an ageist organisation, neither is it allowed to be selective in what treatment it provides based on someone's age. All patients who are fit enough will get the treatment suitable for that condition, and this is usually decided by how fit that person is (based on specific grading scales), and what other illnesses that person has, which might affect their fitness for a major operation, or chemotherapy, for example. So, all of these things need consideration. It should not ever be based on a persons age. There are people of 80 years who are fitter than some 60 year olds, simply because they have no other illnesses. 74 is not too old for treatment these days provided your mum is fit.

Also, these decisions cannot be made at a local level, and need referring to a Specialist MDT (Multi-disciplinary team) meeting. Only when all of these experts decide together on an outcome can this be put into place, so the young doctor was not wrong when he said the surgeon would decide. Actually, it is more than the surgeon - many other specialists consider the case together with the surgeon, and a JOINT decision is made.

I would encourage you to discuss why this comment was made about your mothers age, as it is incorrect, and not something which should be repeated to others. Perhaps have a word with the ward manager, or department head, and ask them to clarify this for you, Lisa. That way, if the person who made the comment is properly informed, then hopefully, another family will not get told this.
I hope this helps?

Kind regards,

Jeni, Support Team.

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Re: New to this - any support gratefully received

Postby lisa42 » Mon May 12, 2014 12:15 pm

Thank you Jeni. There have been so many awful things happen while mom is in the hospital, that we are losing count. Unfortunately our local hospital leaves a lot to be desired, most of it not the nursing staffs fault, but a few of them should really not be in the caring profession !! Still - at least it's given mom something to moan about :)

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Re: New to this - any support gratefully received

Postby lisa42 » Sun May 18, 2014 7:56 am

Quick update , and again, anyone's experiences please. Mom has finally been discharged from our local hospital after they have managed to get an internal drain working for her bile. The jaundice is fading slowly. We had an appointment on Friday 16th at {Hospital name removed - moderator} where we met with a surgeon and a lovely support nurse. Mom is booked in for surgery on 26th June. She is due to have a pancreatoduodenectomy. My concerns now are, she was diagnosed on 23rd April, and had CT images on 1st May, and to me that seems like such a long time from diagnosis to surgery. I'm so worried that the tumour will have changed by the time they operate, and that it won't be possible to remove. Am I being unreasonable in my fears?

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Re: New to this - any support gratefully received

Postby sandraW » Sun May 18, 2014 6:08 pm

Hi there,
No you are not being unreasonable, its your Mum and you want her to have the op tomorrow, of course you do, but I suppose the surgeons are so busy, and they will need to be sure the jaundice is at the correct level before they can operate, as it does take time.
My husband went for an ultrasound scan on his gall bladder on the 1st May last year, they found a cyst? on the tail of his pancreas, we waited 13 weeks to see a consultant, and a further 3 weeks for a CT scan, then things moved faster and he was operated on 3 weeks later, the 11 th September, he had a sub total pancretectamy removing 2/3 rds of the tail end of his pancreas and his spleen. take care sandrax