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linda chesters
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Postby linda chesters » Thu Oct 04, 2007 10:36 am


My mum was diagnosed with PC in February 07 she has secondaries in her lungs. The Doctors explained that they could not cure her but chemo may help prolong her life. She started a six month course of chemo in March as was doing well, I was delighted in early September when we were told that scan results showed tumour in her pancreas had shrunk considerably and the ones in her lungs could not be detected by scan.

Last week doctors tell me that her tumour markers have been rising for the past 2 weeks and they are arranging for another scan. I feel that we are taking one step forward and two backwards. Has anyone else had similar experience, or does anyone know what is the best indication of how things are going tumour markers or scan? I would just like a clear indication of what is going on.

Mum is 78 years old and is finding the constant trips to the hospital very draining, she has not eaten properly since February (at the moment surviving on soup and cake (its just impossible to get her to eat anything else). She has lost approx 2 stone since Feb although no nausea from chemo.

To be honest I feel that I am at my wits end and did not know where to turn but then I found this forum and thought what a brilliant idea.

Good luck and best wishes to everyone

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Reply to Linda

Postby angelinamacc » Mon Oct 08, 2007 11:03 am

Dear Linda
Sorry to hear about your mum, my mum is also 78 and had an operation for CA Pancreas 2 1/2 years ago. She has been well apart from a pain which is worsening in her ribs so she has had a scan and a biopsy last week which has come back today and her cancer has returned.
We are sad but not devastated as we were half expecting it.
In answer to your question I think scans and cancer markers in the blood are used together to build up a picture of what is going on with the cancer. Also the persons condition eg weight loss etc are all taken into account.
My mum is to have radiotherapy and maybe even virus therapy so we are quite hopefull as any thing other is unthinkable.
Try not to get too upset and if you need to blow of steam this is the perfect place.

linda chesters
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Postby linda chesters » Mon Oct 08, 2007 11:18 am

Dear Angelina

Thanks, Sorry your Mum is also suffering - I have not heard of virus therapy but as you say anything is better than nothing I do hope thing go well for you all. Please let us know how everything goes, I will be thinking of you.