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peter d
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Thanks for your kind words.

Postby peter d » Wed Sep 19, 2007 4:20 pm

Many thanks for everyone's kind words, now back to work & some sort of normality. Grandmother is coping pretty well at moment, suppose you don't get to 90 & be in full control of your faculties without being pretty tough. We are keeping close eye on her & Dad, he jokingly calls it suicide watch. I must say through all this we have all managed to laugh, Mum included. Whilst we wrote elegy for the funeral we were all in stitches recalling some of the families past escapades. We all must hang on to those good times & remember Mum for that & not the decline of the last few months. We are very lucky to have each other in close, strong & supportive family , all of which of course is thanks to Mum. Good Luck to all !