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Re: Ella - My Amazing Mam, Passed, Devastated. (& other side)

Postby Ella50 » Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:17 pm

Hi Louie,

I can so understand everything you have said and it brings tears to my eyes. My emotions are all over the place.. as soon as I knew my mam was terminal I started to grieve and had so much anger then. I put my feelings on hold as all my energy was focussed around my mam, but now everything has stopped, its hitting me.
Also people you thought would be there for you ,arent.

I am on a waiting list to see a counsellor, am so glad its helped you, as hoping talking to someone will help me.

Its lovely that your mam has talked to you, and I am sure they are with us everyday. I got a white feather in the kitchen from my mam, telling me she is ok.
You coming accross your mothers photo like that is so lovely- what a wonderful thing to happen!! It must bring you so much comfort.

Sorry about you and your dad.. I hope things work out for you both . Emotions do run high at this time.. and your right it does put alot of things into perspective.
Taking a holiday, having a change of scene will hopefuly give you time to reflect and relax, and me too. Im sure it will do us both the world of good and what our mams would want for us. Take a deep breath.. Im sure your mam will be with you and helping you all the way.. Take it easy..

Thinking of you always

Lots of love Ella xx