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Re: Ted - an update

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:30 pm
by louiepc
Hi Nicki

I am very sorry that Ted has taken a turn for the worse. It is such a hard and difficult time for you all.

With regards the food, to be honest we tried the nutrious with mum, but in the end, she had whatever she fancied, whether its empty calories or not, it was at least something going in. Mum really liked yoghurts, jellies etc. The taste was really nice for her.

As for the ascites, it might be an idea to get a draining booked in advance, at least that way you have a date to aim for, when Ted will be drained. It ended up being every 2-3 weeks that mum got drained. Unfortunately, mum's legs didn't go down, it was explained to us that even though her tummy was drained, the lymph glands in the top of the legs, were restricted, and with the tummy being so big it wasn't possible for the fluid build up to be distributed around her body. The only thing that did help was raising her legs.

My thoughts, prays and love are with you all.

louie xxx