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Re: Steve's Cancer has Spread to his Liver

Postby louiepc » Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:38 pm

Hi Diane

What a horrible time you have both been having. It's a hard one heh? If Steve is in that much discomfort then I can understand his thinking of stopping it. Wait and see what comes about with the Endoscope tomorrow, maybe they might do a scan too. I think when there's hope, however awful the treatment is then it must be worthwhile carrying on.

I went through the same a few months ago, Mum has pc, and she had 4 lots of chemo, absolultely wiped her out, slept for days on end, got very low and down, and incredibly angry. She would say things that she would never normally utter. At the time I remember saying should we request a scan and see what's happening, because if it is doing no good then, we may as well stop. Unfortunately, for mum, the choice got taken away from her - it's spread now to her stomach. She's on pallative care - limited time now - the docs initially were doubtful that she would reach Christmas, we are hoping and praying that she does. Not sure if it's spread any further yet - she's been saying that her back is in constant pain, near her spine. Wondered whether it had now gone there - terrible terrible disease.

Anyway, back to Steve. Is there any foods, that maybe would help with the ulcers? Yoghurts, milky drinks, ice creams, chicken soups, rice puddings???? I know it must be excrutiating, but I remember reading that it is a side effect, maybe if they find out that it is the chemo, they could put him onto a different type?

I hope all goes well tomorrow - thinking of you - and wishing you all the best

love louie xxxx

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Re: Steve's Cancer has Spread to his Liver

Postby john27 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:03 am

Hello Diane..

I've been reading your posts and it does sound like your Steve is going through the mill, so I hope the endoscopy went well today, not too painful.
My mother never quite made it to chemo ( 1 session ) but I remember being told about mouth ulcers/soreness and we were told to give Mum as much fresh pineapple as possible because of the natural enzymes protect the mouth lining. Might be worth a try or ask at your chemo suite.

Fingers crossed for you and best wishes


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Re: Steve's Cancer has Spread to his Liver

Postby Nardobd » Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:11 pm

Hi Diane

Just wanted to add my voice to the other well-wishers. Obviously You're torn between wanting him to be with us and not wanting him to suffer...a feeling I know only too well! Whenever Ted has had to make a decision about chemo I've always stepped back and said that because I don't feel the side-effects I can't advise him but whatever he decided I'd support him 100%.

Thinking of you both


PCUK Nurse Jeni
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Re: Steve's Cancer has Spread to his Liver

Postby PCUK Nurse Jeni » Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:15 pm

Hi Diane,

Folfirinox is a fairly toxic regime. It is unfortunate that Steve became so ill after it.
With regard to the sore mouth, has he been given a mouthwash? Difflam is very good, and is a type of anaesthetic too, so dulls the pain. Mouth ulcers are common with most chemotherapies, but people get varying degrees. Usually, using the mouthwash keeps them at bay.

It is possible they will reduce the dose of the next chemo by 20-25% - which is common when a person gets neutropaenic sepsis after cycle 1. Steve is probably feeling dubious about it, but a lot of the time when the dose is reduced, people can cope better with it. The side effects don't tend to be as severe, and they usually make some amendments to prevent it happening again -eg: giving the injection to stimulate the bone marrow as a matter of course, rather than waiting for the white cells to drop.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Steve's Cancer has Spread to his Liver

Postby Hopefulwife » Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:39 pm

Hi all,
Thank you for all your advice and words of encouragement. Steve came home on Thursday, after his endoscopy in the morning. They reckon the ulcers are a combination of chemo and Ketorolac, the chemo for the mouth/throat and the Ketorolac for further down the stomach. We were given Difflam, GelClair and an artificial saliva spray to help. Steve had an EUS guided celiac plexus nerve block performed on Monday afternoon, in the hope that it would relieve some of the pain, but unfortunately it has made no difference so Steve has gone back on the Ketorolac. The pain consultant is concerned about it causing a stomach ulcer and upsetting his kidney, but will monitor him closely and Steve is happy with that. He has also been put on Amitriptiline 10mgs at night to see if that approach may help with pain relief - worth a shot. Though I will take him off it if he gets suicidal tendencies again!

With regards to continuing with the chemo - we are seeing the consultant on Monday to discuss the next steps. Jeni - I will ask if lowering the dose may help, especially as he was neutropaenic, as well as having the mucositis. I think Steve is going to give it another shot and if the dose isn't as potent, may not have such severe side effects. He is however, most upset that his hair is now falling out at a rapid rate. He sees it as a real reminder that he does have cancer, and he is on chemo. It's his birthday on Friday so he's asked for hats/snoods/gloves/warm fleecy socks - all things he'd normally consider very boring - but under the circumstances, they will all be put to good use.

I will update you when we know more next week, but meantime thank you all for your kind words and for finding the time to reply to my post when you all have so much to deal with yourselves. Sending you all big hugs Diane xxx

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: Steve's Cancer has Spread to his Liver

Postby laura » Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:36 pm

hi diane,,sorry that steve is having a tough time again, its so true that pc is such a rollercoaster.
i do hope for both of you, that the pain etc get sorted satisfactorily

what ever you do on friday with steve, i really hope that you enjoy being with each other, my thoughts are with you both, and your families, love laura xx