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Re: Advanced Cancer Patient ----- > Juliana

Postby scp38 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:12 am

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Re: Advanced Cancer Patient ----- > Juliana

Postby clair2305 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:43 pm


I do hope the info helps, even though your cachexia it not so much cancer related, even if it helps a little.

As for the anti-depressants, yes they may take time to kick in, but in all honesty you are not depressed for no reason are you? You are a fighter, your posts on here certainly tell us that. As for your children, well we all get fed of them at times don't we and speaking from my own experience, I'm sure your husband feels all the emotions you are, I can certainly say that I feel helpless, angry, sad, even lonely at times, I love Blue with all my heart and more and it tears me apart to see him in pain and sad, knowing I cannot do anything. I can rattle off his medication without even looking and probably recite side effects of tablets in my sleep, but obviously I'd give all that up to have a different situation.

Your emotions are all normal for the experience you are going through.

When is your appointment about the trial? Is there anyway it could be brought forward? Or do you even have some literature on it you can read and possibly prepare some questions (write them in a book instead of trying to remember them all in your head).

Regarding the dietician, do you have a community Mac nurse, normally located at the local hospice? Have you used their services? As I am sure they will have a dietician who could see you to make some attempt at increasing your weight, albeit with different enzymes, steroids or other methods. I hope I am not being insensitive but if you didn't have PC and was as underweight and weak as you decribe you would surely feel many of the emotions and physical pain you probably feel now and the medical profession would have to help you. And they should still help you now. Palliative care is based on relieving pain and other symptoms and giving the best quality of life as well as providing support for you and your family. Not sure if your mum is still with you at the moment....maybe get her to give them a buzz.

Ah yes 'enjoy the time you have left'.....as Blue's wife that raisese a lot of questions for me as I'm sure it does you and your husband and it's amazing how loud that clock ticks in my head....I also think it's one of those things people say when they don't know what else to say.

Take care, I'm thinking of you