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Re: Abraxane status?

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:55 pm
by Lisajb
Hello all
Thank you for your thoughtful replies. My sister now knows the full truth of the disease - she hadn't wanted to know much about it for the first couple of months but gradually she has become more able to take on information and yesterday the consultant was very clear about the timeframe being a few months. She was shocked but has been energised by this news in some ways and is keen to do all she can to improve her life expectancy.
We discussed gemcitabine alone as well as combined with Abraxane. The consultant believes Dom is too weak to cope with anything. Dom herself is unsure as she was so poorly on Folfirinox and it failed to achieve anything so I think she feels that the chemo route has nothing to offer. We have had second opinions from another oncology team a few weeks ago and this consultant essentially said he would do nothing different now or future to her routine consultant and the surgical teams have all agreed that there are no options for surgery. It does seem that there are no choices available and so following the symptom management path appears the only way forward. She is following dietary advice from cancer active - no sugar, minimal dairy, organic where possible and green tea and green juices. The rest of her body will benefit hopefully and she feels that she is doing something to help herself.
I feel helpless but not ready to give in.

Re: Abraxane status?

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 4:32 pm
by PCUK Nurse Dianne
HI Lisa,

Sorry to read your thread, and thank you to the 'forum family' for all your support. Please feel free to be in contact Lisa, sometimes a conversation about weighing up treatments and quality of life can be helpful. We can guide you, looking at your sister's current state, and Cathy's thoughts on considering Gemcitabine are very valid. You mentioned that you have had a second opinion, well done there. If you do feel up to having a conversation about this, for your own worth even if not to change anything for your sister, please do feel free to be in contact.

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