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marie souter
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Re: Are these symptoms "normal"

Postby marie souter » Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:43 am

Hi there,

I was going to suggest questran but I can see someone already has : Without a doubt, once the stent has been fitted, the horrible itching dimishes around a week later. The only thing that helped my mom a little was cold flannels placed over the itches and trying not to overheat as this makes it worse. It's a horrendous side effect when they're going through so much already.

When my mom was in that state, I couldn't see her getting out of it - she looked so ill. That was Easter this year. 5 mths on, and shes out everyday. She's on fentanyl patches for pain as she doesnt suit oxycodone or morphine, levomapromazine for nausea and buscopan for her colic like pains on eating, when they bother her too much. Other than a pressure sore and chest infection atm, shes been doing really well. You will not believe the difference once the stent is placed! I hope he feels better soon. If hes been losing weight etc..., it might be an idea to get him on creon capsules to help him break down the fat in his food. Moms weight has remained stable since shes been taking them, where currently she's lost 6 stone in a year xxx