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Re: Welcome to this new sub forum

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:31 pm
by cestrian
Slewis7313 wrote :
> Hi Mike, I'd also like to blame predictive text for my mistakes here, but
> it is in reality a problem somewhere between by brain and fingers.
> I went through four cycles of GemCap and was initially disappointed to be
> told the tumour had not shrunk, but on reflection I felt much better and
> the tumour had stabilised which everyone assured me was a really good
> result.... Something I now appreciate after the many discussions here on
> the subject. I have since had chemo radiotherapy which has shrunk the
> thing, though the CT scan was only 7 weeks after completing my treatment.
> It remains inoperable and I have another scan sometime in October where it
> may have shrunk further..... we shall see. I too have a Daughter who lives
> over an hour away and wants to be at every Hospital visit, though as you
> say if things are OK at the moment there is not really a need. They do
> worry about us don't they, but it is obviously a measure of how much we are
> loved.
> It has indeed been a truly awful few weeks for some of our friends on this
> forum....... This thing is relentless
> Take care
> Steve

Hi Steve

Don't think even I could have come up with "Hendersons!"

It sounds as though you and I have many blessings to count but I always have some reservations about sounding too self satisfied when, as you rightly say, many on here are obviously in a far less fortunate position.

I've recently come across the website of Wilko Johnson, a musician who played with Dr Feelgood in the dim and distant and who is now suffering from our dread disease. Because of the bad things he has heard about the effects of chemo he has elected to have no treatment but is still managing to fulfill public engagements. I was initially saddened that he had been put off by the negative reports but now think we all have to make our own decisions and do what we think is best for us personally. Long may he continue to thrive and indeed long may you and I continue to benefit from the treatment we are receiving.

To those contributors and their family members who are suffering far more unpleasantly my prayers go out.

Love and Peace


Re: Welcome to this new sub forum

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:29 pm
by Cathy
Hi Mike

Haven't heard from you for a wee while. Hope you're doing ok and just busy with life and Chester FC...? :)

Love and peace (as you always say) ;)

Cathy xxxx

Re: Welcome to this new sub forum

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2014 6:53 pm
by J_T
Yes likewise Mike, hope you're still spreading the Love!

Julia xxx