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Re: Months rather than years!

Postby PCUK Nurse Jeni » Tue Dec 08, 2015 5:17 pm

Hi Kaye,

Thanks Didge, yes I agree with Didge. Symptoms must always be managed to the best ability, and sometimes this requires scanning to see what is going on. It sounds like you might have ascites, which is fluid in the abdominal cavity, and this is quite known to cause discomfort, especially when you are trying to lie down at night. We find a lot of folk say its very difficult to find a comfortable position. it also causes breathlessness - however, oramorph should be good to help this.

Did the gp listen to your abdomen? Did he say that there was fluid there? Did he get you to lie on either side and "tap" your stomach with his fingers, to listen to the difference in sounds when you were lying on a specific side? As this can tell a person without having a scan, if there is fluid there or not, but obviously, you would also need a scan. So, you might need this. Sometimes, water tablets can help a little with the fluid, but often, you have to have it drained off by doing a special procedure.

In terms of the SMJ nodule, we used to use Silver Nitrate pen on such nodules - not saying they were all SMJ nodules, but many of them were, even if they were not called it at the time.

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