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Postby simon » Fri Jul 06, 2007 6:21 pm

Hi Suzette,
Thanks for your kind words. Been meaning to reply earlier , but this is my chemo week, so it has bee hard to get up the energy.I am now 12 weeks post whipples, and apart from the chemo feel great.
Have taken on your advice about the sports drinks and the farting :D .
I had a great weekend just gone. Managed to go windsurfing on the lagoon in Hove. I have taught the sport for the last 18 years so it is a little strange being back with the novices on the lagoon (basically an over gown duck pond). Did not hurt at all , and did my mood a world of good .
Am so sorry you have been diagnosed with secondry. I am amazed you are so positive. i never realised the strength of the human spirit until i got ill and met other patients.
If you ever want to give windsurfing a go, would be more than happy to get you on the water. Am planning to teach my surgeon (Arj Shankar) this summer .
Take care



Postby simon » Tue Jul 24, 2007 7:05 am

Well, i have now been back at work two weeks, and loving it. One of the hardest things for me the last nine months whilst ill, has been the boredom. Now i am back at work, back in Brighton surrounded by my friends, i actually feel like I have got my life back and it feels bloody good.
Being in Brighton means I cycle everywhere, so am gettting my fitness back really quickly. Have also started back at my local gymn. loads of swiss ball work, which is great to rebuild my stomach muscles. Still have to take it easy though, and do get pretty tired.
Was too tired this weekend to windsurf, so made a plan for whilst `i am having chemo. Part of the attraction of windsurfing for me is the social aspect of hanging out on the beach, so now whilst on my bad weeks i am going to focus on taking photos. This way i learn to do something i have always been interested in doing, but am still around my friends . My boss has lent me his digital SLR which has a really good lens, so the results have been pretty good.
Have an extra week off my chemo this month ,as am transfering my treatment down to Brighton, so should feel almost normal next week.

That's all for now .

Simon [/img]