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Whipple's at 85

Postby Support Team » Sun Mar 11, 2007 11:28 am

From 16th February:
email from daughter of patient

I would like to share with you and other patients, the story of my mum.........................

in the summer of last year, mum suddenly went off food- as a lady who had always loved food and struggled with her weight this was a new issue. However, over the next few months we realised she "wasn't right" as she really didn't enjoy food at all and had frequent bouts of sickness. Many DR's visits later she was finally admited to hospital on 30th October. We were, of course, worried and after 2 weeks of tests we had the diagonises of cancer. She was moved to a London hospital and had the whipples proceedure on 20th November, after much discussion as to whether she was well enough for such a major op.

She was discharged on 21st December and is making a very good recovery, up and shopping- off to the cinema last week as well- I should now say that she is 85-..............

A strong lady with a will to go on, if she can do it anyone can !

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Postby Support Team » Wed May 07, 2008 11:27 pm

A while, I know, but I thought you might like to know that Mum has just celebrated her 86th Birthday and is in fine form.

She still suffers from the odd upset tummy for which we have yet to find a common theme , but has a very good appetite and eats and drinks mainly what she wants. There is a definite bent towards strong and quite spicy food since the op, which I would say she didn't have before !

We know that the op was not a long term solution and she was ill for quite a while , but it has given her 18 months and counting plus the opportunity to see her 4th great grandchild.

Hope this might help others along the route