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Australian Whipples

Postby Support Team » Sun Aug 26, 2007 9:20 am

posted on behalf of a person who has recently had a Whipple's in Brisbane, Australia

I am 60 years old and underwent a Whipples on August 7th 2007 in Brisbane. I was absolutely terrified as I had found very little positive information on websites etc.- just loads of stuff about how hard it was to get back to a normal life.
I was discharged on August 18th and since then have been at home on a normal diet, apart from feeling full rather sooner than I may have previously, there have been no problems other than the 'knocked around' feeling of a big cut.
As an insulin dependent diabetic for the last twenty years I have had to rework my insulin usage with my endocrinologist and that has now settled down reasonably.
This is submitted as perhaps being useful to others facing this surgery.