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Re: Thanks for sharing your experiences . . .

Postby Corinne » Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:33 pm

I just wanted to thank Justamo and all the other contributors on this long and valuable post which I have read from the beginning to the end over the Christmas period. It has been so helpful to me to hear everyone's experiences which I can relate to, and give me some pointers as to how lives carry on, although at the moment I am still struggling. It is only three and a half months since my husband died, I had wanted to cancel Christmas but I have a son to consider and his life must go on. Anyway a big thank you to you all, and what a wonderful organisation PCUK is.

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Re: Thanks for sharing your experiences . . .

Postby Justamo » Fri Jan 03, 2020 3:47 pm

Wow, Corinne, you deserve a medal for ploughing through all that.

I simply don't know how I would have been able to cope with any of it without the support of the forum family. As far as dealing with grief goes I'm still struggling. I spent Christmas day alone, eating fish & chips with the cat. Peter loved our Christmas Days so it's a poignant time for me, and of course it's even harder for people with families who don't have the luxury of ignoring the whole thing the way I do.

You'll get through it. Stay on the forum until you feel ready to let go. Your observations and comments will help others and we all owe a debt to PCUK for providing this platform.

As we say in this part of the world, A Guid New Year to you.

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Re: Thanks for sharing your experiences . . .

Postby Justamo » Sat Dec 26, 2020 6:54 pm

I thought that this would have been my third solitary Christmas, but Covid scuttled my Gentleman Friend's festive plans for Christmas with his sister, so he fell back on Plan B which was lunch and the Queen's Speech (Gawd bless yer Marm) with me and my cat. It made quite a nice change to cook the turkey and all the twiddly bits, and GF asked for seconds and cleared his plate, so it must have been ok. We missed Her Madge because a third glass of wine meant that I couldn't find the remote control for the TV. It turned up in the fridge this morning. The remote, not the TV.

Covid must have had a catastrophic effect on those suffering from PC and their loved ones. Thank God you can't catch Covid online; the forum was the only thing that got me through the16 or 17 months of Peter's ordeal. There's always someone with the right words of comfort or a solution for a pressing problem, and our marvellous nurses are a constant support.

This past year should have been my fundraising year for PCUK. I knitted and sewed my way through January and February, anticipating a sumptuous strawberry tea and record-breaking sale in June, but of course life went on hold and I have storage boxes crammed with goodies for a Christmas sale in 2021. I hope.

It is the anniversary of Peter's death on 10 January, so I've submitted an In Memorium notice to the local paper for the appropriate date. Three names this year: Peter and his two sons. My stepson Raymond who took his own life last year, and our baby Padraig, who died at birth in 1974.

I really miss swimming (thanks, Covid), but we are blessed with magnificent and mostly deserted beaches in this part of the world. While I can't cope with hard surfaces I can manage 5K or so on sand which cushions my steps and makes walking pleasurable again. I sometimes borrow a friend's dog, (don't tell my cat) and Jerry and I make doddery and slightly geriatric progress on the beach to our enormous enjoyment. Otherwise I keep moderately busy with gardening, painting, sewing and photography. Keeping on keeping on, as they say.

I hope everybody is as well as they can be. Thankyou forum members, past and current, for love and support and I offer you my kind wishes for 2021.