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The Bystander

Postby Nelsmum » Sun Jun 22, 2014 3:36 am

My husband John wrote this for fellow PC suffers and I he wanted to share it here, I have told him a lot about the support this site offers, so, from a carers point of view:


I know I'm only a bystander,
To the trauma that you are going through,
So what on earth could I possibly say,
That would be of any help to you ?

Probably nothing, but I'm still going to try,
As it seems to me almost a sin,
To see two sides locked in a deadly fight,
That one finds so difficult to win

I have watched over time as your illness,
Has wreaked havoc with gathering pace,
Causing so much despair and frustration,
Leaving you with a very sad face

I have witnessed the struggle of doctors,
To identify the invader within,
While the once-healthy body you occupy,
Has grown increasingly thin

Insidious and elusive, capricious and free,
Your ailment does strike at will,
While all you can do is try and cope,
As you gradually feel more and more ill

But now we know who the culprit is,
And you're in a war you're trying to win,
Against a foe who's entrenched and invulnerable,
Not made of ordinary flesh and skin

With the help of others, you've given him,
A damned good run so far,
Their skills and support helping to keep,
The door of your life ajar

Yes, I'm only a bystander,
But I still have a point of view,
And that is that each day you're around,
Is, without doubt, a win for you !!!!.

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Re: The Bystander

Postby Slewis7313 » Sun Jun 22, 2014 3:51 am

Thanks both for the lovely poem which is about a subject very close to my heart. Whilst this illness is rubbish, watching your loved ones watching you suffer is probably the hardest thing we have to deal with. I often say that Pancreatic Cancer does not make a good spectator sport!

Again, thanks for expressing so well what many of us feel about our nearest and dearest who also suffer at the hands of this most devious of diseases.

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Re: The Bystander

Postby wackywacky » Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:31 am

There are some very lovely, caring, intelligent, and eloquent speaking people on this sight. lovely poem x

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Re: The Bystander

Postby sandraW » Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:20 pm

That's wonderful and so very very true, thanks so much for sharing it with us,sandrax

PCUK Nurse Jeni
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Re: The Bystander

Postby PCUK Nurse Jeni » Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:08 pm

What a wonderful and heartfelt poem, and so well written.

Thank you so much John for writing this for all the amazing folks on here.

I am certain it has resounded with so many.

Jeni, Support Team.