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New hope for Pancreas Cancer Research

Postby PressWatch » Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:50 pm

From Presswatch

This is a very encouraging story. Lets hope this new Initiative is capable of increasing significantly the numbers of survivors of the disease over 5 years to a level greater than 3%.

On Monday a new Centre dedicated to Pancreas Research was launched at Cambridge University, the 'Centre for Pancreas Research'.

The Centre at the Cambridge Research Institute is headed by Professor David Tuveson a leading International research scientist who has been attracted to Cambridge by the difficult challenge of addressing the disappointing lack of progress in tackling Pancreas Cancer over the past 40 years. The Centre brings together the skills and science of Cambridge University, CRUK and Addenbrookes Hospital ( which includes the regional cancer centre ).

This Charity, Pancreatic Cancer UK is presently funding an important fundamental project at the Institute. ... bjid=80702