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Upcoming SABR radiotherapy

Postby b9_iwish » Wed Aug 12, 2020 2:17 am

I was diagnosed with locally advanced pancreatic cancer attached to the Portal vein and deemed inoperable, in November 2019. Since 27th January, I've had 12 cycles of Folfirinox which I finished 14th July.
My ca1-99 count in March was 207 and 2 weeks ago registered 25. I had a CT scan at the end of the chemotherapy and the results showed a stabilised tumour and no metastases - the tumour measured 40mm x 30mm in January 2020 and remains the same size to date.
At the MDT meeting my oncologist met a radiologist Dr Luis Aznar-Garcia who said he'd like to have a go with SABR radiotherapy. I agreed with the oncologist and have been CT and MRI scanned to set up the 5 days of treatment. It is hoped this "may" reduce the size of tumour with a secondary Folfirinox follow-up and with a slim chance to operate.
Can anyone throw light on the treatment such as side effects and help getting over them?

Best wishes and stay strong.