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How we moderate

Postby Support Team » Mon May 22, 2017 10:24 am

How we moderate

Our team of specialist nurses moderate the forum during the working week. Our aim when moderating is to keep the forum safe and legal and the nurses aim to monitor all messages to preserve the supportive nature of the forums. The nurses will also occasionally post on the forums or email you to point you in the direction of good information and sources of support.

The specialist nurses also work on our Support Line and will not look at new posts immediately once they are put up. Therefore we need forum users to take responsibility for their own posts and to report any inappropriate posts. (You can do this by emailing or by using the ‘Report this post’ button which looks like this ! and appears at the top of each post.)

As the forum is an environment for sharing personal experiences, we do not censor opinions or comments. As such, Pancreatic Cancer UK does not endorse opinions or comments made by individuals on the forum.

Editing or removing posts

We will remove in their entirety comments that we judge to be abusive of other posters, any form of commercial advertising or information posted that we judge to be seriously factually incorrect.

We reserve the right to immediately edit or remove any post for any reason at our own discretion without prior contact with the author (please see Terms and Conditions). But we will always try to contact the original poster to explain our reasons. If this happens we may put your account into moderation until we have discussed your post and agreed a way forward. We also reserve the right to suspend or ban any user as above.

What actions may the moderators take?

• Edit a post. We will usually let you know when we do this and why. It is most often to delete swearing or personal information.

• Delete a post. Again we will usually let you know when we do this and why. It is usually because of a breach of our guidelines.

• We may contact you by email to make suggestions, or issue a warning.

• Place users in moderation (so all posts must be approved before going live).

• Ban users.

• Close a thread. If a discussion breaks down into an exchange of attacks and insults, or becomes too heated, we might close a thread to end the discussion and encourage people to move on.

If you have any questions about our moderation process, or wish to comment about any aspect of the forums please email We will reply within 3 working days.