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Folfirinox- seems to be working!

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Hi Nikki

Give my best wishes to Paul, I'm so sorry he is still experiencing such a problem with coping with his chemo. I'm moving onto new ground myself next week as the Mets in my liver and lung have increased since November so I'm switching from Gemcitabine to combo of Oxaliplatin and 5 FU/Folinic Acid. Apparently needs PICC line for delivery so I'm in early on Wednesday for that to be inserted then first dose later in the morning. I've been remarkably free of any side effects from Gemcap so will have to see how I react to the new drugs - there seems to be plenty of experience on the forum so I'll be back!! Been getting great advice and support from Dianne as I've had a few problems since Chistmas, our specialist nurses on here are really superb so do use their expertise!!

Love and Peace


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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Aah, thank you Mike. Sorry to hear about the increase in mets.

Wishing you all the best for your forthcoming line insertion, and Folfox chemo.

You will cope with your usual gusto, I am sure.

Love and peace to yourself.

Kind regards,


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Sorry to here about the mets Mike, but as ever I am sure you will take the revised treatment in your stride. They must obviously feel that you are fit enough to move from Gemcitibine to the old Furry Fox. Good luck next week.

Take care



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Oh Mike

I am sorry to hear of the increase in your mets. You sound as if you are coping with your usual aplomb however.

Don't worry about the Picc line (if you even were). You can get someone to flush it for you, doesn't need to be a nurse. I used to do Jonathan's. You can even do it yourself but it can be a bit of a fiddle. If you do a search on this forum for "Dry Pro" I did an update on a Picc line protector that you can use to go swimming (if you were so inclined in this weather) or showering etc.

Very best of luck with your new regime and I'll be looking out for your posts. You have been such a great support to others.

Cathy xx

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Nikki, lovely lady, so sorry your man is feeling horrid still. Those four words "we think it's because..." are horrid aren't they. You know from looking after me on my post I've had a taster of that recently. No damn certainties appart from the fact you're an utter rock and are helping him keep up the fight. Fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed that this is indeed a blip and things pick up.

I'm back in the capital on the 24th Feb just in case you two have reason to be there.

Mike, s'not fair. Don't want you to have hard things to cope with. All the positive energy you share with so many others will hopefully batter those mets back to size with the help of furryfox (speaking of which paul hasn't been on lately has he). Take good care of yourself m'dear.

Love and hugs



Lots of hugs

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Thanks all, your support is so valuable and yes I will kick it's ass!! Greatly cheered on Thursday by my beloved Chester' s last minute winner! We are both fighting for survival so I will make sure that everything possible is done.

I should say that all things being equal I still feel very lucky to feel so relatively well and receiving such great care - roll on some better weather so I can get out more easily #couchpotato

Love and Peace


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dear mike, sorry to read that those damned mets snuck back to cause you this blip.

how dare they, to someone so full of positive comments and advice.

my thoughts are with you and sending you strength and hugs, laura xxx

hello to everyone else no matter where you are in this fight against pc, try to be positive and strong, i know how difficult this can be.

good luck stay upbeat if possible and kick ass. love laura xxx

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Dear Mike,

Can only echo what the others have said, keep fighting it is such a sneaky disease.

I can't offer much about the new chemo regime you are starting as our experience was very brief. What I do know was that the cold sensitivity in Chris's fingers was immediate, so have your gloves to hand! By immediate I mean by the time he was walkin got the car after the first dose!

And the picc line, also very easy and like Cathy I did the line care myself. Good luck with all of it.


The three of us are ok, one day at a time philosophy continues, with huge support from friends, family, professionals, wine, chocolate, late night chats and face book messages!! Look after yourself.

Bee xx

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