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What about 2nd line?


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Having looked into trials for dad following FOLFIRINOX it seems that they are all 1st line trials, none are 2nd line or beyond. Therefore once you've exhausted FOLFIRINOX and gemcitabine it looks like that's it :cry:

Strange because in other cancers I know clinical trials can often be sought after standard treatments.

I'm just feeling so frustrated that there so few options and that we seem to get to a point where they are going to say 'that's it, no more choices' so soon. Is there really no hope of a trial after standard options? In the states they seem to be going in trials.



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Hi Kate - we were told last week that if folfirinox is not an option again then there would be gemcitabine and also trials available. It may just need you looking to a different hospital preferably a specialist one.

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I am pretty sure I remember one of our oncologists saying there may be trials that come up in future we could try after Folfironox so it COULD just be your area (we're in London).

On a similar vein, after Julia's posting last week I looked up Abraxane as well and it looks like at the moment the use of that with gemcitabine, although might be offered by some oncologists pending licence, is dependant upon approval from a local commissioner (at least according to the website I looked at).

Two extremely frustrating examples of the cliche, post code lottery.

Cathy x

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