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Dad has been admitted to hospital

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Thankyou all so much for taking the time to reply xx

Dad actually said to me yesterday that he thinks he is depressed and today he saw his gp who prescribed him some anti-depressants.

My brother gave him a good talking to about not giving up and carrying on with the chemo so I think he's going to have another cycle of chemo then he is due a scan to check progress, then once he sees the results he can then decide whether to continue or not, we've convinced him he needs to give the chemo a proper go as he's only had one cycle so far and he caught the infection during that time so he was feeling pretty poorly during those 3 weeks. Once he's fully better from the infection I think he will be more positive again.

He sees his oncologist on Monday so they will decide then whether he is fit enough for next weeks chemo or if they need to delay it another week.

He wants to put some weight back on as he lost more when he had the infection so he has ordered some build up shakes and I am doing my best to cook him things when I can fit it in!! Making him a Chilli con carne after work tomorrow! I'm like meals on wheels : )

Thankyou all for your fantastic support as always....

Sending you all hugs..

Morwenna x

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Hi Morwenna,

I'm so pleased your dad has got his fight back - it seems like he is fighting on all fronts now. That's really good news. You must be so relieved, it's amazing what becomes good news. Enjoy your chilli xxx

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Hi Morwenna

Excellent news that your Dad recognised he needed some help and asked for it - not an easy thing to do and I admire him for that. Also good to know that he has taken some time to reflect and re-think decisions. His depression may well have dictated his thinking recently so perhaps some better days will turn things around for him - hoping so. Do let us know how it goes with the oncologist next week and fingers crossed he continues to re-gain his weight and feel stronger.

Take care, Morwenna.



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Hi Morwenna,

I'm so glad to hear your dad has asked for help, I know how stubborn parents can be. The last time my dad's plastic stent blocked he left it so long he had to be rushed to intensive care as he was going into septic shock!

And its very upsetting when they say what they want you to have, my dad told my son he was gonna leave him the biggest collection of tractors in Britain.

My son told him he'd have to stay alive alot longer if he was going to do that! (Makes my son very sad to think grandad is so ill, and he's a teenager!)

Dad also had a metal stent, its been ok for quite a while but this time he blocked up somewhere else.

Really hope your dad feels better soon, happy thoughts in his general direction!

And in yours too, I know how hard it is to see a big, strong hero of a dad turn into a frail, skinny old man, its heart breaking, big virtual hug, Jacqui x

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