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I have some symptoms suspicious of PC..not diagnosed with anything.

I had 2 clear CT scans, the last one only a few days ago.

I had Ca19-9 tested on 16/2/23

it was 7 ...New test this week it was 13.

I know this is still within normal limits but does the rising level point to higher possibility of PC ?

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Nadia - Support Team

Thank you for your email, I am sorry to hear you are struggling with concerns at this time.

I appreciate your concerns, however many of the abdominal symptoms people may have may not be specific to pancreatic cancer and may occur in other conditions.  You mention you are fortunate to have had 2 clear CT scans and also 2 Ca19-9 tests that are both normal.  

The Ca19-9 test is not specific to pancreatic cancer and is only 75% reliable in diagnosis. As yours has only increased very slightly, this would not be considered indicative of pancreatic cancer.  


If you have some other symptoms you are concerned about, you may wish to email us on the following email (nurse@pancreaticcancer.org.uk)  so we can have a more in depth conversation with you.


I hope this might give you some reassurance.



Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Nurse,

Pancreatic Cancer UK

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