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My husbands blood tumour markers have come back normal.. He's just coming to the end of 6 months of chemo after a whipple last August.. Are these markers reliable? As his oncologist said he won't have a scan or anymore treatment... I'm scared to believe it has gone away.. Jess

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What if they don't come back normal? Do you know? Do they have to be normal for the disease to be stable? Does anyone have stable disease with abnormal CA 19-9 LEVELS. THANK YOU

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PCUK Nurse Nicola

Hi Jess,

My name is Nicci and I am one of the nurses that works on the support line here at Pancreatic Cancer UK. Thanks for your post.

To answer your question Jess, it is a positive that the CA19.9 remains within normal range. If the CA19.9 was above normal levels prior to your Husband’s diagnosis then this is a good indicator that the treatment has been successful.

It’s understandable to be concerned once treatment and scans stop, what I would say is that your husband should have some follow up (this varies between centres, but often is 3 monthly for a year then 6 monthly then yearly). He may not be offered a CT scan at these appointments but they will usually take bloods and do a general assessment of how he is feeling, if he has any ongoing concerns or any new issues. If your Husband does have any concerns in between these follow up appointments he should be able to contact the team directly to bring the appointment forward.

I really hope this reassures you and please know that you can also contact us anytime you like on our nurse support line to ask any questions.

Take care,


Nicci Murphy

Pancreatic cancer specialist nurse

0808 801 0707


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