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Ted had his post-stent appointment with the consultant yesterday. His jaundice has almost completely gone and his CA19-9 tumour markers are back down to 80. The consultant says that the stent itself can cause a slight rise in tumour markers so he's not at all concerned. It's the sort of news we were praying for (a miracle would be nice but I'll settle for stability).

Thanks to everyone for their support.


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Dear Nicki

That is great news!! It must be a boost for you both. I really am pleased that things are stable for Ted.

Brian sees his consultant next week, so hope we get some good news, too.




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Hi Nicki

I'm so pleased for you and Ted , it's about time we had some good news here's raising a glass for happiness and to kicking some caner butt

all the best for 2010 to both of you

lots of love and hugs


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Hi Nicki,

So pleased to here the news about Ted, not very often you get good news in relation to PC.

Hope you are ok.

Haven't been on for a while, so just catching up.

My thoughts are with you both.



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Thank you everyone. It is good to have some brighter news, albeit not the miracle, Ted continues to do well and we're just crossing our fingers!

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Hi Nicki,

Still pretty new to this though learning v vfast and I do know that taking revelling in the good news and appreciating the highs is a good thing. Pleased for you - long may it last


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