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Hi, mum diagnosed last week with 2.5cm tumour in pancreas, also now diabetes type 2. Her jaundice is getting under control and she is now home taking enzyme supplements. She should be starting insulin injections in next week after we have all had training in how to do it. No appointment yet with oncologist. How quickly do the elderly deteriorate with this double whammy of diseases ? She is in shock and denial poor lady and leaving everything up to me as on her own and independently - up till now. I work full time and live 18 miles ( 30 mins ) away from her. Am determined to care for her myself as best I can. Specialist nurse said she could have 6-9 months average time left. Am panicked- what can I expect from this illness ? Honesty would be appreciated.

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Hi Mavis...sorry to hear about your mum. It's difficult to tell you what to expect, as everyone progresses with the disease differently. A lot also depends on whether she is offered (and more importantly if she wants) chemotherapy.

Perhaps have a read through some of the other threads on here...you'll see how different they all are.


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Hello Mavis. Sorry to hear about Mum. How old is 'elderly' ? Are you sure it's Type 2 ? Sounds more like Type 1. Veema is absolutely right, read through some of the other threads on here, and also the more specific items on the website, and you'll get a better idea of what you're dealing with. Peter and I just had half an hour of messing about with insulin injections and we picked it up fairly quickly despite having absolutely no nursing experience (other than watching Emergency Ward 10 and Casualty) so I'm sure you will too. But if Mum is living alone she may need a bit more support - reminders about doing blood sugar tests and so on. Once it's all levelled out a bit she'll probably manage. Ask MacMillan for their advice too.

And remember, it's not just Mum who's in shock. You are as well, and it's all very frightening. Remember that there are lots of us here who are happy to share our own experiences and I suggest that you read Marmalade's thread for starters.

Best wishes


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Mavis sorry to hear of your Mom, the type of treatment is also important with diabetics. May she has the speedy recovery. Good Luck!!

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