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Beautiful Marmalade. I have no words but digesting every single word you have written. It all makes so much sense. The forum family are an amazing group of people all at different stages in their journeys and the support for one another is priceless. We should arrange that meeting too. PW and I had a great day in London.......

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Dear Marmalade

Thank you so much for your "very long" post. What you have achieved or set in motion in the almost year since Louis's death takes my breath away. I'm exhausted just reading about it.

Do keeping writing here Marmalade! As you say, this forum acts as a beacon for those in the midst of hurricane PC and the wisdom and warmth of your posts stoke its light.

Wishing you a smooth and event-free move tomorrow, and peace and happiness in your temporary home.

Love W&M xx

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Marmalade.....thankyou for this post. It's reassuring to know that the feelings I'm feeling are "normal"...the memory, the silly eating and the lack of confidence. Your words are a comfort. I hope your move is stress-free and I look forward to many more of your marvellous writings when you've settled in your new home.

Love Vee xxx

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