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Thank you, Sue. I have more devastating news as a very old and dear friend was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer less than a week after Rob died and this friend died yesterday during my trip back home from a break in Scotland for Rob's funeral tomorrow! Plus another very good friend emailed me on holiday to say he has throat cancer! To say I am feeling picked on is an understatement! x

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Oh no. It never rains but it pours. So sorry that you've received such bad news about your friends, and so soon after losing your Rob. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

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Hi Didge I hope the funeral went well and you were ok. I am sure it was a wonderful send off.

I know what you mean about being picked on our family feels very much like that. My sister in law has ovarian cancer and only has weeks! She is the mother of my niece who died from breast cancer! Life is cruel very very cruel!

One week to go to my daughters wedding and it looks like Mum will be there.

Thinking of you Didge and sending you lots of love and strength. Xxx

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Hi Didge,

Sorry I haven't been in here much, but I have been thinking of you and really hope Rob's funeral went as well as it could. Hope you are getting through each day as well as you can as well.

Take care

Leila xxx

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Leila and Marie, sorry for late reply. I am v busy this month both at work and socially. I really need a proper break when I can wind down! That will bring it's own difficulties as more time to think! Thanks for asking after me x

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