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Cheap therapy!


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My name is Carl, I had pancreatic cancer October 2012 and I had the whipples procedure, it has now come back to my kidney.

The reason why I am on the forums are. When this first happened I went to look to see

If anyone was writing a blog on there experience. I know there are user experience on this site which is great and had really helped me.

I started writing my blog quite a bit of time ago,

And I really recommend. It's cheap therapy just to write it all down.

My blog can be found at:


And if you have a blog let me know so I can link it to mine, an hopefully connect them all.

Thank you


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Hi Carl

I follow your progress via your blog and through Rob's updates. Sharing such invaluable information helps so many people either those suffering or the people caring. It seems to be that so many hospitals and GP's don't have a clue regarding PC. An area where we all need to heighten awareness. Loving your video blog and your great sense of humour, puts a smile on my face. Take care and keep fighting and updating us.

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Is it!

I have told someone important that it's Kidney, but I can not remember who.

I'm hoping it's not the surgeon in London!

Thanks Ant, I can't believe people are reading it, but I really love writing it

So thank you


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lol Carl, You really are an inspiration and keep up the blogs they really are brilliant. I have emailed you hope you can reply when you have time. Take care and keep doing what you're doing. love to you both Ant xx

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Just watched your blog Carl, how fantastic! Will be thinking of you on Thursday! Hope to maybe bump into you at the chemo suite in Leeds sometime when I'm there with my mum!!

Sara x

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Lol, that was a moving AND entertaining read Carl!

Funny you should mention Matt Lucas. I have been tweeting the rich and famous in an effort to get more signatures on the epetition and Matt is one of the VERY few who replied - I was shocked!

I wish you continued good luck on your journey.

Julia x

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