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Mum Diagnosis

Postby Margie » Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:46 pm

My mum who has been an active 78 year old, has recently been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, which they say has spread to the peritoneum. She had a CT scan last week with a guide biopsy, and we went to see the oncology consultant today, and he has told us that they can not give a full diagnosis at this time, because of several reasons.

1. Blood mark for Cancer is very low
2. The biopsy from the peritoneum did not give results of cancer
3. The biopsy from the precancerous didn't give results of cancer.

My mum however has all the symptoms, being sick, bloating, tireness, they are now scheduling another Endoscopy to see if they can get conclusive results that way.

Although my mum has gone away from this, quite happy, as she still is holding out hope for a non cancerous result.

Is this a common issue with this type of cancer?

Hoping that it is a mis-diagnosis, as we feel in the dark again.

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Re: Mum Diagnosis

Postby sandraW » Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:50 am

Hi Margie, Sorry to hear about you mum being unwell I just wanted to post a quick welcome reply to you, the forum was down over the week end when I tried to log in, hence the delay.
Although this didn't happen to us, although we too took a while to get a diagnosis, it has happened to others on the forum,
I suggest you ring or email the nurses, they will be able to give you some answers I am sure, they are very approachable, lovely and extremely knowledgeable too. Hope you get the good news, take care sandrax xx

PCUK Nurse Rachel R
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Re: Mum Diagnosis

Postby PCUK Nurse Rachel R » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:39 pm

Hi Margie

I also wanted to welcome you to the forum on behalf of the Nurses here.

Unfortunately we do often find that people with pancreatic cancer do have a complex diagnostic pathway.

It does sound as if Mum has been diagnosed on the basis of her CT scan but it is the histological diagnosis that is causing difficulty. Clearly it would be great news if the presumed diagnosis of pancreatic cancer were not the case.

If it would be helpful to explore this further with the Nurses on support line then please don't hesitate to call or email us, we will more than happy to try and help.

With kind wishes

Rachel Richardson
Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Nurse
Support Team
Pancreatic Cancer UK
email: nurse@pancreaticcancer.org.uk
support line: 0808 801 0707